19 Reasons You Should Always Read The Damn Reviews

Online shopping can be tough. It’s even more tough when you don’t read the damn reviews.

Why should you read the reviews? Well…

1. So you don’t end up with a pool the size of a shoe:

2. Or a blanket made of old rope:

3. So you don’t end up with a chair for ANTS:

4. Or a face mask for slightly bigger ANTS:

5. So you don’t end up with a blanket like this:

6. Or a tank like this:

7. So you don’t end up looking like your unfriendly neighborhood Spiderman:

8. Or end up with a ring for ANTS if ANTS believed in the institution of MARRIAGE:

9. So you don’t end up with Yeezys that look like an overweight sponge:

10. Or a coat that will slowly take over your body:

11. So you don’t end up getting Mike Wazowski’s new dress:

12. Or end up looking like an uncomfortable version of your grandma’s old vase:

13. So you don’t end up with a chair for ANTS on a RELAXING summer VACATION:

14. Or a chair for ANTS who prefer a CLEARER type of CHAIR:

15. So you don’t end up with boots that’ll only fit your fingers:

16. Or a big stuffed panda that fits perfectly in your hand:

17. So you don’t end up with the world’s tiniest dog bed:

18. Or a dress like this:

19. And so you don’t end up with your cat’s new favorite dress:

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