The Case of the Missing Brains with Dr. Rachel Berman

One man’s very, very unfortunate accident made him one of the most famous patients of all time. Dr. Rachel Berman shares the story of how this man helped scientists figure out what the brain does. Music in this episode is by Podington Bear. Photo of Phineas Gage from the collection of Jack and Beverly Wilgus.

The Mystery of the Barton Springs Salamander with Dr. Hayley Gillespie

Dr. Hayley Gillespie, an ecologist, tells us how she cracked the case of the Barton Springs Salamander’s mysterious meals. Music by YACHT, courtesy of the Free Music Archive and Creative Commons. Photo courtesy of Dr. Hayley Gillespie.

Amazing Grace Princess of Space — Every Creature pt. 2

Hexacorns are being poached, and the town of Majico2 has called in Amazing Grace Green to help bring the poachers to justice and save the wild Hexacorns. They’ve tried to scare her out of town but Grace doesn’t scare easy. Make sure you listen to Amazing Grace – Every Creature pt. 1 before this episode!

The Fire Fairies of Lillywood

Deep in the Lillywood, past the Frog Pond and the Unicorn Valley, there is a magical tree named LeCree. Inside of her branches, lives a magical race of Fairies dedicated to protecting the forest. This is a simple and soothing bedtime story, perfect for younger children.