How do meteorologists predict the weather?

There’s all sorts of weather happening right now around the world. Rain, sun, wind, snow… you name it, somewhere it’s happening. It may seem hard to keep track of it all, but scientists have it figured out. We’ll find out how they collect data on weather around the globe and turn it into a forecast.

Bear’s Big Sleep: A Thanksgivingish Tale

Bear’s Big Sleep: A Thanksgivingish Tale is an original rhyming children’s story about an anxious bear readying himself for winter hibernation and his loving friends who join forces to help him when he needs it most. Story themes include friendship, life changes, accepting help, and sharing.

The great cat debate: Evil or misunderstood?

We're transporting you to the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul for a segment from a recent live show: Cats vs. Dogs. In this very important debate, producers Marc Sanchez and Sanden Totten try to get the bottom of our feline friends' mysterious behavior. Plus: The mystery sound!

The Secret of Dark Energy with Jeff Silverman

No one knows what dark energy is or why it exists. So how did astronomers discover the mysterious force that’s pulling the universe apart? Astronomer Jeff Silverman explains one of the universe’s biggest mysteries. Learn more at www.tumblepodcast.com! Subscribe on iTunes and leave us a review. Music by Noveller and YACHT, courtesy of the Free Music Archive.

Little Rabbit Can’t Eat Clover

Little Rabbit Can’t Eat Clover is a heart warming story about a young rabbit who discovers he is allergic to clover – one of his favorite foods. Children with food allergies will relate to Little Rabbit’s struggles and to the unexpected silver linings he discovers about having to change his diet. Story themes: the importance of family and friends, adapting to unexpected life changes, and the upsides of being a little different. Please visit our website at http://www.littlestoriestinypeople.com and our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/littlestoriestinypeople. Be sure to share this episode with friends who have children with food allergies!