The Birth of Christ and Christmas

This week, we want to tell you the story about the origin of Christmas. This is a story from the Christian Faith, but it’s cultural impact on the world at large cannot be overstated. So, whether you’re religious or not, there are things to learn and enjoy in this classic story about the birth of a very important little baby. We hope you like it!

The science of baking

Baking can seem kind of magical. You take a bunch of ingredients, mix them all together, put them in the oven, and then a little time passes — and you have cake! Or cookies! Or bread! But there’s no magic wand involved in the process — it’s chemistry!

Grumbly Bear and Strumbly Bear: A Rhyming Children’s Story

Grumbly Bear and Strumbly Bear is a sweet rhyming story about two bears who can’t imagine having anything in common, but who end up realizing they are not so different after all. Themes include the importance of having an open mind; friendship; and artistic expression as a way to reduce stress.

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[UPDATE] The Night of the Decoy Spider with Joe Hanson

[Now, with new information on decoy spider research!] One dark night in the Amazon, three guys stumble face first into a new discovery – and capture it all on video. Joe Hanson, from It’s Okay to Be Smart, tells the story. Music in this episode by Broke for Free.

Tiny Tooth Fairies: A Toothbrushing Tale

Tiny Tooth Fairies: A Toothbrushing Tale is a playful original children’s story that adds a new dimension to the tooth fairy mythology we all know. Toothbrush-resistant toddlers and small children may find motivation from the idea that tiny tooth fairies need their help getting home each night by hitching a ride on their toothbrushes. Story themes include sibling love, the power of storytelling, the upside of letting parents sleep, and the benefits of accepting help.

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