Glow-in-the-dark sharks and other stunning sea creatures | David Gruber

https://download.ted.com/talks/DavidGruber_2015Z-480p.mp4?apikey=172BB350-0008Just a few meters below the waves, marine biologist and explorer-photographer David Gruber discovered something amazing — a surprising new range of sea creatures that glow in many colors in the ocean’s dim blue light. Join his journey in search of biofluorescent sharks, seahorses, sea turtles and more, and learn how these light-up creatures could illuminate a new understanding of our own brains.

Little Fox: BEDTIME Version

This is the same Little Fox story you know and love, with quieter intro and exit music and no commentary before and after the story. Your tiny person can drift off to their own exciting dreams just like Little Fox!

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The mysterious world of underwater caves | Jill Heinerth

https://download.ted.com/talks/JillHeinerth_2015Y-480p.mp4?apikey=172BB350-0008Cave diver Jill Heinerth explores the hidden underground waterways coursing through our planet. Working with biologists, climatologists and archaeologists, Heinerth unravels the mysteries of the life-forms that inhabit some of the earth’s most remote places and helps researchers unlock the history of climate change. In this short talk, take a dive below the waves and explore the wonders of inner space.

Why are no two snowflakes the same?

In this episode, Dr. Ken Libbrecht answers all of our snowflake questions: How are snowflakes made? Why are they different shapes? How is it that they’re all unique? And how does a scientist who lives in southern California study snow?

The World Without Parasites with Carl Zimmer

What would the world be like if there were no parasites? You might actually miss those mind-controlling blood suckers. Science writer Carl Zimmer tells us how scientists are discovering the hidden importance of parasites’ dirty work.

Over the Swing: A Musical Kids Story

Over The Swing: A Musical Story is the final episode of Season 1 of Little Stories for Tiny People. New stories will begin again on February 27! Please make sure you listen to “A Message to Parents” to hear all the important announcements about the podcast.

This a fun and musical story about a little girl who takes a trip all the way over the top of the swing at the playground. Themes include collaboration, friendship, family ties, and the power of song.

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A Message to Parents

Big people, please listen to this brief message to all the parents, grandparents, teachers, babysitters, and others who have shared Little Stories for Tiny People with their kids. I have a few announcements, which I will list here for your convenience:

Episode 9 will be the final episode of Season 1 of Little Stories for Tiny People. I will be taking the next few months off to write a new batch of exciting stories for your kids. I’ll be back with a new story on February 27, 2016.

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If you’d like one of the animal friends on a future episode to be named after YOUR child, email me at rhea@littlestoriestinypeople.com

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