Elodie is a Superhero: A Special Needs Story for Kids

Elodie is a Superhero is a sweet story about a little girl who is a superhero in more ways than one. Not only has she overcome a great deal throughout her life as a child with special medical needs, but she also has the ability to turn waiting time into Adventure Time! This story can spark a conversation with your tiny people about the various challenges many children face, as well as inspire them to bring imagination to those in-between moments throughout the day.

This story was inspired by the podcast Bringing Up Betty (www.bringingupbetty.com) and the organization Tiny Superheroes (www.tinysuperheroes.com). Check out their websites for more information!

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The Journey to the Deepest Part of the Ocean with Gaelin Rosenwaks

Where is the deepest part of the ocean, and have we been there in person? Ocean explorer Gaelin Rosenwaks answers with an amazing story of the first explorers to dive to a mysterious place called Challenger Deep. It’s filled with awesome adventure, incredible risk, and awe-inspiring reward. This is a journey that changed the way we understand the ocean. Love Tumble? Leave us a review on iTunes! Want to be on the show? Send us a question! Record yourself asking the question, and tell us what you think the answer is and how scientists might find the answer. Would you support Tumble? Donate on our website, www.tumblepodcast.com.