The Science of Poop with Mary Roach

Everybody poops. But why? To find out, science writer Mary Roach takes us on a journey into the alimentary canal – that’s the tube that runs from our mouth to our rectum. Along the way, we learn about pooping in space, and how someone else’s poop might one day save your life! Have you been looking for an easy way to find more great podcasts for kids like Tumble? Or maybe you want a place for your kids to listen and discover podcasts on their own. We have great news for you! With Kids Listen, we’ve made the first ever listening app for kids at app.kidslisten.org. Go there and you’ll find all kinds of awesome shows by some of our friends like Brains On, Stories Podcast, and NPR’s new podcast for kids, Wow in the World. Check it out! Thanks to everyone who listened this season! Make sure to STAY SUBSCRIBED so you can get updates from us over the summer – especially on our journey to Barcelona! We’re already getting started on episodes for the fall. Send us your science questions, your drawings and recordings! Do you live in Europe? Do you know of any cool scientists and science going on that we should check out? Let us know! We’re excited to explore! As always, leave us a review on iTunes if you like the show. Email us at tumblepodcast@gmail.com, and check out our blog at sciencepodcastforkids.com. To support the show and get educational materials as well as an ad-free version of the show, pledge at patreon.com/tumblepodcast. Thanks for listening!