Little Hedgehog’s New Year: A Silly Story for Kids

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Little Hedgehog is back with her BIG IMAGINATION. This time, she just can’t wait to attend the annual New Year’s Noon celebration. She’s looking forward to the fairies, the butterflies wearing hats, the rainbows, and the elephants. Listen to find out what really happens!

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The nerve! Electricity in our bodies

Your body is making and using electricity all the time — but how do we do it? We’ll take a look at how bioelectricity helps our brain sends signals and our hearts pump blood. And we’ll learn about some amazing animals that use electricity in weird and wild ways.

54: Why Do Snowboards Look Like Skateboards?

We’re marking the winter solstice with an episode all about snow! Why do snowboards look like skateboards? We get an answer from Burton Snowboards. How is snow made? Why is snow white? Why are all snowflakes different? We’ll hear from Jon Nelson, author of “The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter’s Wonder.” Also why does snow melt? And where is the deepest snow?

9: How to Build a Robotic Eel

Meet Envirobot, a robotic eel who slithers along the surface of the water, seeking the source of water pollution. The future is here, and it’s full of swimming robots! We meet members of the team behind Envirobot, Bezhad Bayat and Alessandro Crespi. They tell us what it takes to turn a swimming animal into a robot – the twists, the turns, the technology, and the math.

If you could design a robot based on a swimming animal, what would it be and why? What would it do? We want to hear your ideas, and see your designs! Email us at tumblepodcast@gmail.com.

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Happy Holidays and have a great New Year to all our listeners!!

A mother and son united by love and art | Deb Willis and Hank Willis Thomas

https://download.ted.com/talks/DeborahWillisandHankWillisThomas_2017W-480p.mp4?apikey=172BB350-0008An art school professor once told Deb Willis that she, as a woman, was taking a place from a good man — but the storied photographer says she instead made a space for a good man, her son Hank Willis Thomas. In this moving talk, the mother and son artists describe how they draw from one another in their work, how their art challenges mainstream narratives about black life and black joy, and how, ultimately, everything comes down to love.

#44: Courageous Parenting (with guests Bob and Maria Goff)

This week’s episode features Maria and Bob Goff (he’s the author of Love Does) talking to Dr. Meg about Maria’s new book Love Lives Here and the process that went into writing it. They talk about their strengths as parents and how to use those together to parent successfully. Along with this great conversation with Maria and Bob Goff, Dr. Meg will give you three points to ponder that you don’t want to miss and she answers a question from a dad about how kids can learn to better interact with children with special needs. Do you have a question for Dr. Meg? If so, email them to askmeg@megmeekermd.com and she could answer your question in an upcoming episode!



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1:12 – WELCOME

In this episode, Dr. Meg revisits the topic “Courageous Parenting”. She teases her conversation with Maria and Bob Goff about Maria’s new book Love Lives Here, her three points to ponder, and a social question from a dad about how kids can learn to better interact with children with special needs.



Dr. Meg gives you three points to ponder as you learn more about parenting courageously!



Bullying has been a problem for generations, but increasingly so in the digital age. With the news telling us more tragic stories of bullying all the time, it looks more like an epidemic. What used to be limited to the schoolyard and cafeteria has now spread to technology and social media and can occur at any point and any time. What can you do to prevent your child from being bullied or becoming a bully? To help you navigate this crucial subject, Dr. Meg has written an e-book called “Bullying: What Every Parent Can Do About It”. At school, cyber bullying, what you can do when your child is being bullied, and what you can do if your child is the bully. Get your copy of the e-book for $2.99 at MegMeeker.com/Bullying. When you use the coupon code “Bullying Podcast” you will receive $1 off your purchase.



Dr. Meg welcomes Maria and Bob Goff to talk about Maria’s new book Love Lives Here and how they parented their kids courageously. Dr. Meg also talks with Maria and Bob about how the dynamics of their marriage and personalities has shaped how they parent their children and how that translates into combining each other’s strengths to parent successfully.


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Dr. Meg welcomes Maria and Bob Goff to talk about Maria’s new book Love Lives Here and how they parented their kids courageously. Dr. Meg also talks with Maria and Bob about how the dynamics of their marriage and personalities has shaped how they parent their children and how that translates into combining each other’s strengths to parent successfully.



Email Dr. Meg at askmeg@megmeekermd.com or tweet your question to her @MegMeekerMD. In this segment, Dr. Meg answers a question from Steven about how to teach his daughter to show grace to her special needs sister as she struggles to keep up with her.





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Charged up! The science of batteries

Batteries are everywhere — they’re in our phones, our computers, our cars, our toys. But how do they work? To find out, we talk to a scientist who’s making really big batteries to store renewable energy, another who’s working on really small ones to power our phones, and we play in a park with a dog.

57: What if Santa were an elephant and toys could read your mind?

Merry Ifmas, everyone! Scully the Squid has had a tough year and isn’t really sure what he wants, so Santaphant gives him a telepathic toy to help figure it out. Will Scully learn to speak his mind?   

Lessons include: bottling up your emotions doesn’t gets good results; “boy” and “girl” toys have more in common than you think

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