A Bone To Pick

In this adaptation of a classic Aesop’s Fable, a lion and bear can’t agree on who should get to eat the leftover picnic basket goodies. Who’s going to win this argument??

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The secrets of the spectacular spacesuit

Never explore the final frontier without your trusty, white, puffy space suit! But why is it puffy and white? And why do astronauts need them? Turns out space is super dangerous and these suits can save your life.

We’ll give you a tour of all the features of NASA’s iconic EMU suit and explain why it looks like a squishy marshmallow. Plus, we’ll interview an engineer working on the next generation of space suits and hear a funky new space jam by singer Jamie Lidell.

Add in a mystery sound, a Moment of Um looking at knuckle cracking and some rad ideas for super suits of the future and you’ve got an action packed episode of Brains On.

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#88: Helping Kids Find Their Passion (with guest Ken Coleman)

Even as an adult, finding what you are good at and what you are passionate about (and subsequently where those two things intersect) can be a seemingly unsurmountable task. It’s easy to lose confidence to help your kids find those things as well. There’s also the ever present temptation to push your kids too hard or force them to laser-focus on things that they just aren’t passionate about. This is where Dr. Meg’s conversation with career expert and author, Ken Coleman, can help the parents and the kids! Dr. Meeker and Ken talk about his book, The Proximity Principleand ways for moms and dads to help their kids as well as help themselves find that elusive “sweet-spot”. Ken Coleman is a Ramsey Personality and best-selling author, and he uses his life experiences to help people discover what they were born to do and provides practical steps to make their dream job a reality. Also, if you have a question you want Dr. Meeker to answer, email them to askmeg@megmeekermd.comand listen to future episodes to see if your question is featured!


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2:17 – WELCOME

Dr. Meg introduces the topic “Helping Kids Find Their Passion.” She also teases her conversation with Ramsey Personality, Ken Coleman, as well as her points to ponder.



Dr. Meg talks with Ken Coleman about how to help your kids find what they are good at and what they are passionate about, and Ken’s book The Proximity Principle.


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Dr. Meg talks with Ken Coleman about how to help your kids find what they are good at and what they are passionate about, and Ken’s book The Proximity Principle.



Dr. Meg gives you her points to ponder as you learn more about how to help your kids live in their “sweet-spot”.





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134: What if Fred got a disease that made anybody he touched travel back in time? (w/Leilany Figueroa)

This week, Leilany Figueroa of the podcast Timestorm joins Alabaster Zero as his new Gumshoe in training. Can they find Fred the Dog, or will they stay lost in time forever?

Lessons: We’re all bad at things we’ve never tried before, but we can get better with practice; you’re never too old to learn something new.

Leilany is the co-star of Timestorm, a sci-fi audio drama for kids 8-12. If you enjoy her wonderful performance on this show, please check the series and tell them Mr. Eric sent you 😉

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Rumpelstiltskin (Rebroadcast)

Please enjoy this rerelease of one of our very first episodes, originally titled “Margaret and Henry and the Room Full of Hay”. Stay tuned for new episodes next week!

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Tumble Presents: Earth Rangers

What are Earth’s top ten biggest animals? You’ll find that out, and more, with the help of Earth Ranger Emma! We’re sharing our favorite episode from our friends at Earth Rangers. Earth Rangers is a podcast for anyone who loves to explore the mysteries of nature. If you love Tumble, we’re sure you’ll love this show.

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