Theo and the Speak Up Fairy: An Assertiveness Story for Kids

In this follow up to Vivi Finds Her Voice, the No Fairy is back with more sage advice (and ample exasperation). She has some side hustles these days and appears in this story as The Speak Up Fairy. Find out what happens when Theo ticks over from 102 to 103 times he WANTED to speak up, but DID NOT.

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BIG THANKS to the listeners who provided sound effects used in the story: JULIA, OSCAR, SHEPHERD, HUXLEY, and NICHOLAS!

I am STILL COLLECTING sound effects (and I never want to stop)! Just use the voice memo app on your phone, record your tiny people making a (recognizable) sound, and email it to rhea@littlestoriestinypeople.com! You might just hear your sound in a future story.

Thank you to ADI and DIVY for helping me with the reminder at the beginning of this episode!!!

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