Mirrors, sequins and glitter: what makes them shine?

Have you ever entered the mirror-verse and heard yourself talking back? Well, that’s what happens in today’s episode.

We take a look (pun intended) at how mirrors work and talk to a scientist to find out what color they are. And in a history of sequins, we learn why, for a long time, rain was a disaster for glittery gowns. Not only can you make today’s Mystery Sound, but you can use it to spiff up your crafts.

All that, plus a Moment of Um about why words start sounding funny funny funny funny funny when you repeat them.

This episode is sponsored by:

KiwiCo (kiwico.com/brainson), Laurel Springs Online School (laurelsprings.com/brainson), and the MacMillan Kids book, “Astronauts: Women on the final frontier” (https://us.macmillan.com/books/9781626728776).