The Wildlife of Your Home Podcourse: The First Suspect

We’re so excited to share the first episode of The Wildlife of Your Home Podcourse with you! We think of it as a true crime science story, happening in your own home. But don’t be scared – this is definitely a kid-friendly who-dunnit! 

The Wildlife of Your Home is an interactive, educational audio experience – based on one of our favorite episodes of Tumble! Join me and scientist Rob Dunn for a 10 part series that will show your home in a whole – new – way. You’ll meet fascinating creatures and solve the mystery of what lives inside your home. Better yet, you’ll get the tools to do real science – starting a journey that can continue long after you finish the course. If you’ve ever enjoyed hunting for bugs, this course is for you.

Go to learning.himalaya.com/tumble and enter promo code TUMBLE at checkout to get your first 14 days free.