Little Hedgehog and Bebe Under the Same Sky: Part One

Little Hedgehog and Bebe are BACK! Find out what happens when they have to spend some time apart, something you and your friends may have some experience with these days.

I have really missed telling you stories…so I found a way. During this strange time, I will be putting out new episodes when I can. They may not be on a predictable schedule. Thank you for your support and patience.

If you LOVE this story, please share it with all mice that are in want of more fur, anyone named Jimberson, all wilderness enthusiasts, those who both live off-grid but also have an internet connection, and…your friends, who you may be missing these days. And if you happen to have an Apple device, leave a review in Apple Podcasts!

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BIG THANKS to the listeners who provided sound effects used in the story: COHEN, EVELYN, MILLIE, HENLEY, AND LUCY!

Thank you to ADEMILAYO for helping me with the reminder at the beginning of this episode!!!

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