The Frozen Sun

On one extraordinarily frigid morning Davey Crocket Wakes up to find that the world needs saving, and he’s just the frontier adventurer to do it!

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Zoom Reports Record Quarter Despite Recent Vaccine Setback

While many businesses have suffered greatly due to the pandemic, others, like Zoom, have flourished thanks to an increased need for remote connection and work solutions. The video conferencing company just reported huge growth for the third straight quarter. Zoom Video Communications is one of several companies to have experienced a massive increase in users […]

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Steal-worthy Ideas Roundup: Campaigns from Oreo to Amazon Prime Video

As we near the end of 2020 (phew), much of the industry is focused on how brands will make their mark on consumer audiences in the year ahead. The good news is that the pandemic has required event marketers to think outside of their comfort zones over the last nine months, and if the innovative programs they’ve built in its wake are any indication, 2021 will be a banner year. To fuel your inspiration, we rounded up four steal-worthy ideas to keep in mind in the coming months. Here’s a look.

citi-lounge_green_teaser.More Roundup Ideas:


Wholly Guacamole pit stop 2020_1With a name like Wholly Guacamole, you know the brand’s activations are going to be a whole lot of fun. Case in point: The Pit Stop, a pop-up sampling stand built to generate brand awareness in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas, area, and make a splash on National Guacamole Day (Sept. 16). From inside the pop-up, which served as both a drive-thru and socially distanced walk-up stand, brand ambassadors served up individual pre-packaged guacamole and chips samples, ultimately dishing out 1,500 of them. To boot, consumers could score one of five chances to receive free guacamole for a year by swapping out their under- or over-ripened avocadoes for the brand’s ready-to-eat product. And Wholly cow did the strategy work—the pop-up ultimately raked in 271 million media impressions. (Agencies: Havas Street; Havas Formula)


oreo global vaultIf an apocalypse strikes, at least the survivors will have snacks. Yep, down the street from Norway’s Svaldbard Global Seed Vault, a safeguard against the extinction of plant life on Earth, Oreo has built its own Global Oreo Vault. The move came in response to an asteroid scheduled to graze Earth on Nov. 2, which had little chance of impacting life on Earth but offered plenty of opportunity for a timely stunt. The (very real) vault contains the Oreo recipe and a stockpile of cookies wrapped in mylar, which can withstand temperatures from negative 80 degrees to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, and is impervious to chemical reactions, moisture and air. We have to ask: Got milk? (Source: foodandwine.com)


Truth Seekers Experience 10_Amazon 2020Amazon Prime Video has proven that not all virtual escape rooms are considered equal. To mark the launch of its series “Truth Seekers” about paranormal investigators, the brand activated the Truth Seekers Remote Adventure, a 45-minute escape room experience free to consumers around the world. During the experience, players were immersed in the center of a paranormal investigation. Recruited by the show’s main characters to help restore 6G signal at a museum and recover the artifact causing the disruption, participants were guided by two team members from Amazon’s partner, The Escape Game. The Host was on the video call with players, interacting with them, aiding the flow of the game and offering hints when needed. The Game Guide was actually on location at the museum and outfitted with a camera and a headlamp rigged to a helmet. The guide served as the eyes and ears of the investigation, taking commands from participants to help facilitate solving challenges as paranormal events unfolded. Along the way, players stumbled on Easter eggs from the show in their quest to reach safety and officially join the Truth Seekers team. Hey, the truth is out there.


Church's Chicken Truck 2020Church’s Chicken has been serving up fried chicken for over 60 years, but its menu never included a chicken sandwich—until now. To drum up buzz for the item, Church’s took to the streets of Austin in a mobile unit topped with a massive chicken sandwich. The resulting Chicken Sandwich Food Truck experience was delivered over the course of three days. On day one, Church’s combed through social media to find its top brand fans, then rewarded them with deliveries of its new sandwich. During each drop off, the host, a local comedian, entertained the fan, while custom swag and a personalized thank you card were also part of the mix. The deliveries even came in different packaging, from a room service tray to a box within a box within a box. On day two of the activation, Church’s delivered sandwiches to Reggio Emilia Multilingual Pre-School, Central Texas Food Bank and St. David’s Hospital to show its support for the people that serve its community. And on day three, consumers could “tweet the truck” to get a free sandwich delivered to their door. Now that’s a cluckin’ good time. (Agency: T3, a Material Company)

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Reverse Activations: How Four Brands Delivered Experiences to Consumers’ Doorsteps

You’ve heard it before and we’ll say it again: the silver lining of COVID-19 is that is has forced the industry to completely reimagine how brand experiences are delivered. Of late, the circumstances have given rise to a “reverse” activation strategy wherein brands bring experiences to consumers’ homes, rather than asking consumers to come to them. The approach means brands connect with fewer people in person, but the engagement tends to be deeper and more personalized, and in most cases, social media vastly expands the program’s reach. Here, we hope to inspire your 2021 strategies with four steal-worthy activations that flipped it in reverse.

Resy Drive Thru 2020_teaserMore COVID-Safe Programs:

Chase x Southwest

chase southwest Kaila & Erica with scenic backdrop - Photo by Rachel RodgersThe pandemic has forced the cancellation of many milestones in 2020. Among them: weddings and honeymoons. So Chase and Southwest Airlines teamed up with Brides.com to produce pop-up honeymoon experiences for five essential worker couples whose weddings and honeymoons had been canceled—right in their own backyards. Chase and Southwest took the time to get to know each couple, including their unique love story, and created pop-up experiences that closely mirrored their original honeymoon plans. In the end, the couples enjoyed a taste of Sonoma Valley, sat on the beach and enjoyed a Caribbean oasis, and headed into the great outdoors with a glamping experience, among activations. And every honeymoon needs to be memorialized, so the brands enlisted a professional photographer and videographer to capture each moment. Couples were also surprised with 200,000 Southwest Rapid Rewards points via the Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card that don’t expire, so they can take their real trip when they’re ready to travel. We just hope they squeezed in some time for a little lovin’. (Agencies: MAS, FleishmanHillard)

The Home Depot x ESPN

Home Depot hostgate 2020With on-site activations and tailgating activities prohibited at most college football games, The Home Depot teamed up with ESPN to adapt its approach to the season while keeping traditions alive. To make it happen, the brand developed pop-up activations around ESPN’s “College GameDay” program in fans’ backyards. Each week, one lucky superfan was chosen to receive pop-up “hostgate” experiences for their team’s game, to be enjoyed with up to 10 friends and family members. The fan and their exclusive tailgate experience were featured on ESPN’s “College GameDay” telecast, which included the appearance of the famous “College GameDay” bus, a visit from the local team’s mascot and, naturally, a backyard feast with burgers cooked on a Traeger grill by a private chef (score!). As the brand stated, “COVID-19 doesn’t mean traditions are canceled. They just need to be reimagined.” True that. (Agency: Octagon)


elf halloween 2020_1Halloween looked different this year and cosmetics brand e.l.f.’s holiday-themed activations proved as much. To boost awareness of its spooky Halloween products, the brand brought the best of its collection straight to influencers’ doors. For three days, e.l.f. hit the road with a pop-up Halloween experience housed inside a custom VW bus. The vehicle showed up at select influencer’s homes and delivered safe trial of makeup products, photo ops with a 12-foot-tall wall of hand-painted pumpkins, a personalized pumpkin patch in their front yard, and plenty of candy to indulge in. By bringing Halloween to their doorsteps, e.l.f. inspired influencers to create content that celebrated the role of makeup and creativity around the holiday—and gave its brand a digital leg up. Beautiful. (Agency: Duncan Channon)


Corona GameDay Container 2020Leveraging the tagline “Your game day beach is back,” Corona is bringing the classic football tailgating experience to fans’ backyards over the course of a 13-week campaign. The brand is surprising sweepstakes winners in Chicago and Columbus with the ultimate gameday experience by delivering a shipping container chock-full of goodies right to their doors. Upon delivery, winners are greeted by the Corona Game Day container, which is retrofitted so that its side wall electronically raises up, revealing all the prizes inside as music blasts, lights flash and celebratory CO2 cannons erupt into the air. Once the prizes are unveiled, fans have the option to have the Corona Beer Moving Crew safely unload and set up the prizes, which include a 70-inch big screen TV, a wireless surround-sound system, a football helmet throne, a personalized sports locker filled with gameday swag, a Corona outdoor grill, a custom Corona Lime football trophy and a handful of other surprises. Talk about a touchdown. (Agency: Cogent World)

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Vintage Pastel Minnie Mouse Party

Vintage Pastel Minnie Mouse Party on Kara's Party Ideas | KarasPartyIdeas.com (6)

Bat your eyes and giggle out loud, this Vintage Pastel Minnie Mouse Party by Ambica Makhija of SoCal Event Planners, is too cute not to talk about!

Featuring a girly pink & purple color palette accented with sweet florals and bubbly balloons, this celebration will have you over the moon!

So don your big bows and come along to see these darling details that will have you signing a song:

  • Adorable Minnie Mouse Backdrop
  • Purple + Pink + White Minnie Mouse Cake
  • Minnie Mouse-inspired Balloon Installs
  • Pink + Floral Arrangements
  • Purple + Pink Minnie Mouse Oreos

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58: Shark Wars: Part 2

This week, we return to a time when the Uni Order sought to quell the Refishtance once and for all. Get ready for another round of bad puns as Mr. Eric takes on one of his favorite subjects: Shark Wars.

Lessons include: Peace without freedom isn’t all that peaceful; our differences are important and with them we can make each other stronger.

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This episode originally aired 1/1/2018.

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The Trouble With Pterosaur

After taking Reggie to the mall for a sleek new feather-cut, Guy and Mindy start to reminisce about other ancient creatures that also had feathers and those that didn’t! A trip to the cinemas reveals a heated debate amongst the paleontological community about whether or not the largest creature to ever take to the skies was a feathered friend or a bald bird! It’s the Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, and Wow in the world of TERRIFYING PTEROSAURS!

Pastel Angel Baptism Party

Angel Statue from a Pastel Angel Baptism Party on Kara's Party Ideas | KarasPartyIdeas.com (5)

Looking for a party full of heavenly bliss? Take a look at this Pastel Angel Baptism Party by Jennica Anne Caliwag of C&C Events Styling, out of Marikina City, Metro Manila, Philippines!

Featuring an angelic blue and gold color palette that’s accented with balloons and more, this event is certain to make you soar!

So look to the clouds and sing your praise to these and other included elements that will make your day:

  • Angel Statue
  • Gorgeous Modern Geometric Balloon Backdrop
  • Blue + White-colored Guest Tables with Balloon Pole Centerpieces

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Flying South

Mallory the duck was well known as the bully of the lake. But her secret was that she was only mean to hide the fact that she was afraid. Will she be able to overcome her fear and survive the winter? Listen in to find out.

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