Event Technology: The 2021 Guide

Welcome to the 2021 event technology guide. Here you’ll learn how to choose the right event technology for your next event to support your desired event outcomes.

What is Event Technology?

Event technology is any digital tool that helps you plan and produce an event. Some examples are event management software, engagement tools, virtual platforms, streaming services, and mobile event apps.

Why Event Technology Matters

In response to COVID-19, event technology is evolving faster than ever. This rapid evolution has proven greatly beneficial to the events industry. 90% of event professionals believe that technology can have a major positive impact on the success of their events.

hybrid events stat - event technology

Before advances in event technology, event planning was a very manual process. Event planners used to draft the attendee list contact by contact. Event promotions were limited to mediums like print or direct mail. And prior to virtual event technology, organizers were only able to plan live events. But advances in data analytics have allowed event planners to track and measure each component of their events. Similarly, the boom of event technology made it easier to bring in-person, hybrid, and virtual event ideas to life.

Today, event marketers have an array of technologies to choose from and add to their event tech stack.

Each piece of the event technology stack does its part to support the full event lifecycle as it transitions from one phase to the next. Building websites, increasing event registrations, and email promotion are all made possible thanks to event technology.

Event tech has also led to a better user experience. Through the use of platforms, event engagement, and networking tools, attendees can connect with each other at the click of a button. Event apps allow attendees to easily navigate the event with features like chatbots that provide instant answers to their questions or maps to help them navigate massive convention centers. Live Streaming technology is another example that allows attendees to tune into sessions from all across the globe.

How to Choose the Right Event Tech

When choosing your event technology, it’s important to keep certain foundations of planning in mind. Use your event goals and overall vision to guide you and help you determine which event technology will truly serve you and your attendees. In this section, we will walk through the considerations to take and best practices for choosing event tech.

Consider Your Event Goals

Event technology can help you achieve your event goals no matter what type of event you’re planning. In order to select the right tech, you need to know exactly what your event goals are. Why are you organizing your event in the first place? Take a look at what you are trying to achieve and find technology that supports your goals. Consider your business goals, what event KPIs will determine if your event was a success? Think about your event strategy and what outcome you want attendees to take away from attending your event.

If you aren’t sure what your goals are yet, here are the most common event goals.

  • To increase brand awareness
  • To improve customer/organization relationships
  • To educate
  • To generate qualified leads
  • To drive surging activity in target accounts
  • To retain customers
  • To drive sales opportunities in target accounts

Interested in diving deeper into goals? Check out our article How to Set Event Planning Goals to Achieve Success.

Think About The Type of Event

There are many different event types. In order to choose the right event technology, you will need to factor in the type of event you’re hosting. Below is a brief description of the most common event types. For an in-depth look at the most common types of virtual events, check out our virtual events guide.

Virtual Summits

A virtual summit is the online version of an in-person conference. According to our Virtual Event Benchmarks, typically these events are one to three days in length with the majority (57%) being single-day events. Like in-person conferences, you will find keynote speakers, multiple session tracks and topics, product demos, and sponsors. With all the elements involved in a virtual summit, you will need a wide variety of event technology to execute your event and the tech you choose will depend largely on your event goals.

Some of the most common event technology used at virtual summits are virtual event platforms, audience engagement and networking tools, and live-streaming solutions.

Virtual Conference Series

A virtual conference series is designed to deliver content over the course of days or sometimes even weeks. These large scale events allow brands to engage with attendees for a longer duration of time. They also give attendees the chance to absorb content at their own pace, avoiding digital fatigue.

When planning a virtual conference, some of the most important event tech tools are your virtual event platform, audience engagement tools, networking capabilities, and live-streaming solutions.

Virtual Trade Shows and Expos

This type of online event helps companies showcase their products virtually. They can be a stand-alone event or paired with a summit or conference series, allowing attendees to discover new products and solutions and generate leads for companies.

Important event technology tools for a successful virtual trade show or expo hall include highly customizable environments, chat functionality, tools to host live or on-demand product demos, and potentially e-commerce.

Virtual Workshops

Virtual workshops provide education on specific topics to attendees. They usually are smaller events that have interactive elements allowing attendees to be part of discussions as well as network and interact with other professionals in their field.

Event technology such as video conferencing, whiteboarding or brainstorming tools, note-taking capabilities, and file sharing systems will make for a successful workshop.

Sales Kickoffs

Sales Kickoffs (SKO) are internal company events, typically held annually. The goal of an SKO is to bring the entire sales team together to talk about company goals, best practices, share exciting product updates, and learn from top executives. They are a great way to boost company morale and set the tone for the upcoming year.

Event technology tools needed to host a successful SKO include chat functions that allow team members to share ideas, Q&A for attendees to ask questions, 2-way communication for sales training and roleplaying, and audience engagement tools such as polling.


These virtual events are on the shorter side, typically no more than 1-2 hours in length. Webinars cover very specific topics and can be designed for education, building brand authority, and engaging prospects.

Common event technology tools used for webinars include a webinar platform, chat functionality to spark conversations, polling, and Q&A for an interactive experience.

Hybrid Events

Hybrid events will combine components of both in-person and virtual events. Hybrid events are growing in popularity. In fact, in our Evolution of Events Report we found that 97% of event marketers believe we will see more hybrid events in 2021.

There will be many moving parts of hybrid events. Event technology will play a huge role in planning and execution. Depending on the type of event, tools will range from budgeting, registration, and venue sourcing tools, virtual event solutions for the online audience, and event technology to aid in streaming and production.

If you are interested in learning more about specific event tech tools, check out our recent article, 18 Tools for Hosting a Virtual Event.

Considerations When Evaluating Event Technology

The amount that event technology impacts event goals is the single best way to select the tech you use. Some technology is crucial and organizers simply can’t skip it, while other technology will support secondary goals that may be “nice-to-have” solutions.

Focus on Innovation

In most cases, event organizers will know the essential functions a tech tool needs to check off. But focusing on the essentials can lead to missing out on innovative new functions. Innovation is more important than ever as the industry starts moving into hybrid events.

Before smartphones became popular, there was the flip phone. Cell phone shoppers weren’t looking for a device that could place calls, send email, surf the web and store thousands of files of music. Of course, once the iPhone was released, all of this changed, and early adopters now had access to a cutting-edge solution years before mainstream customers.

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, find the iPhone of the technology providers.

How do you know if your provider is committed to innovation? Get to know the company and the people behind it. Browse the vendor’s social media pages and main website. Read their blog, and check out the LinkedIn profiles of the leadership team. Read recent product and official company announcements. Ask the company how they are planning to evolve as hybrid events start to pop up. Consider past performance and current events to predict whether this company is positioned to innovate.

Hybrid Readiness

It’s no secret that the event landscape is changing. Hybrid events are going to start taking place in 2021. Choose event tech that is future proof and can evolve with your events as we move into the hybrid era. One of the biggest challenges of going hybrid will be designing an experience for both the in-person and remote audience, and making sure that experience is personalized. Event technology will play an important role in merging these two worlds and delivering a great experience.

Look for solutions that can bridge the virtual and in-person experience. At our recent event (Almost) HYBRID, CEO and Co-Founder at Bizzabo, Eran Ben-Shushan spoke directly to this idea, “Hybrid events will need to bridge the gap between virtual and in-person audiences. They will need to create opportunities for attendees to take part in shared experiences.” Be sure to watch his full keynote at (Almost) HYBRID.

For example, find an event platform that seamlessly integrates with an in-person event app instead of having to build out an event app and platform separately. This will save you time and ensure a cohesive event experience no matter where attendees are tuning in from.

Ease of Use

An additional consideration is how easy tech is for organizers and event attendees to use. A platform that’s easy to use means everyone involved should be able to easily learn the platform. In turn, you’ll see greater ROI and increased efficiency.

Test the usability of the event technology by asking vendors for a live demo of the product or a free trial to make sure the user-interface is satisfactory.

Seamless Attendee Experience

Your brand should be accurately reflected in the event experience that you create for your attendees. Any disconnect in this experience—from the event platform to the mobile event app to onsite check-in—runs the risk of coming across as unpolished, and does a disservice to your brand. This will be even more important when hybrid events emerge. When you choose event technology, be mindful of how much customization is allowed. For instance, does the event registration experience require a website visitor to leave the main website? Can the agenda and homepage be tailored to your brand? Does the platform come with an event app? If so, can it be white-labeled?

ABM Readiness and Personalization

Choose solutions that will provide you with insights into the full attendee journey. This should include which promo codes bring in which attendees, what date attendees register for an event, how actively attendees are networking, which sessions they register for, which sessions they rate highest, and other actionable recommendations. This data should be accessible by ticket type, account, and individual contact. If you are able to find an event solution that allows you to create and track event personas, this will provide you with another channel of analysis. The result is that you will be able to personalize the attendee experience and follow-up in-line with an account-based marketing methodology.

Event Tech that is Brandable

The event technology you choose is a representation of your brand. Every interaction with attendees is an opportunity to leave an impression. According to G2, 70% of marketers say consistent branding is one of the most important things to keep in mind when communicating with customers. Additionally when we surveyed event professionals in our 2020 Event Marketing Report, 92% agreed creating a consistently branded experience was important. Make sure that any event tech you choose is highly brandable. Ask if you can add your logo and where logo placements can be. Check to see if you can change the background color, add an image or event videos on your event platform, apps, and other tools. Other important design elements to check are if you can select your font choices and overall customization that is offered.

event branding stat - event techology


Downtime is an event organizer’s worst nightmare. If the event live-stream or the event website is down (even for just a few seconds) people will start to leave your event. This can mean lost revenue, missed opportunities, negative press, and frustrated attendees. Selecting reliable event technology is critical to the success of your events. Ask tech providers what their plan is if anything would go down, and what the average downtime would be. Make sure to speak with referral customers, and read online reviews about the platform’s reliability.

Customer Support and Success

In addition to reliability, you should also ask what the tech provider offers for customer support and customer success. Customer support refers to employees who are available to troubleshoot unexpected issues, think technical support. If event registration is no longer working, you will want to contact customer support to get the issue resolved. When researching event tech providers, you will want to ask your provider what type of support they offer. For example, is customer support provided 24-7? Is the support via chat, an email, or will you have a direct line to call if you need help? What is the average time for response on a support ticket?

Customer success refers to a dedicated account manager who will be available to show you how to use the platform and provide you with helpful and strategic guidance. They will be your advocate and help you reach your goals and desired event outcomes.

While most (though not all) event technology providers offer some form of customer support, many do not offer customer success. Having both aspects of support can make all the difference in helping you reach your event goals.

How to Find the Best Event Technology

Event Technology Reviews Sites

Event tech review sites curate peer-driven testimonials and ratings based on a variety of factors tailored to the purpose of the software itself. They usually offer an analysis of pros, cons, and sometimes special insights you won’t find on the product’s main website.

G2 Crowd: G2 Crowd gives out prestigious innovators awards for a variety of SaaS products. Their rubric is typically broken down into four main categories: Leaders, Contenders, Niche, High Performance. Any product found on their award chart deserves a second look.

Capterra: Capterra is a good example of a user review site. They break categories down into most popular, most affordable, and most user-friendly.

Software Advice: This professional database allows event organizers to retrieve detailed search results alongside in-depth buyer’s guides for further assistance choosing the event tech that’s the best fit for your goals.

How To Research Event Technology

No matter what site you choose, there are 5 key things to keep in mind when researching event technology:

  1. Give Sales Reps a Challenge. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions about specific product features or about the industry as a whole. A sales rep who is willing to share information about their competitors in a positive light is one who is looking out for your best interests.
  2. Get multiple opinions. Besides reading review sites, cross-check with your network, and ask sales reps to put you in touch with their current customers for references. This will give you better insight into users’ experiences. Leave no stone unturned.
  3. Read event tech guides. New reports and benchmark comparisons are just as important (if not more so) than reviews because they’ll add some figures to those facts that you otherwise might not have assumed existed.
  4. Create an assessment for each event technology. Base it on your specific goals and strategy to make it worth your while. Event technology assessments help you generate awareness, manage registrations, and measure your success.
  5. Choose event tech that aligns with your business plan. It’s good to keep the big picture in mind. As with your goals, reference the goals of the company at large to see if the software you choose aligns with what you’re all really trying to achieve.

Wrapping Up: Event Technology Takeaways

Besides providing event planners with data-backed insights, streamlined workflows, and increased attendee engagement, event technology has become a staple for modern productivity.

To wrap-up, here are some main ideas to keep in mind:

  • Choose wisely. There are many types of event software, each with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Create a tech stack based on your goals and the compatibility of those corresponding technologies.
  • Look for hybrid readiness. We are on the cusp of the hybrid events era, make sure that your event technology is future-proof and has plans to evolve to meet the hybrid needs of the future.
  • Focus on experience. Make sure the event technology you choose has a great user experience for you, your team, and your attendees
  • Innovation is key. Look for companies who innovate, you could gain access to cutting-edge technology solutions years before the competition.
  • Sort through the noise. In general, review sites serve as a great starting point for sifting through the many options available at your fingertips. Be sure to take your time when evaluating and consider the software from every angle before making an official purchase.

The power of event technology gives event organizers the freedom to continue improving their craft through effective tools that take the guesswork out of the equation. Unlock the potential of your next events in 2021 and beyond with the help of this guide and the event industries many transformative technologies.

Editor’s Note:This post was originally published on November 6, 2018 and has since been updated for relevancy.

144: What’s A Screaming Hairy Armadillo? How Animals Get Their Names

Why are whale sharks called whale sharks? Why are guinea pigs called pigs if they’re not pigs? Why are eagles called bald eagles if they’re not bald? You also ask us lots of questions about why and how animals got their names. So today we’re going to introduce you to the concept of taxonomy, or how animals are categorized, and we’ll also talk about the difference between scientific and common names. We’ll learn about the reasoning behind the names of daddy long legs, killer whales, fox snakes, German shepherds and more! Our guests are Steve and Matt Murrie, authors of The Screaming Hairy Armadillo, and 76 Other Animals With Weird Wild Names.

There are some animals whose names don’t really seem accurate-like daddy long legs…which certainly aren’t all daddies! Or bald eagles that very clearly have plenty of feathers on their heads. Or guinea pigs, which aren’t actually pigs!

And then there are animals with awesomely silly names. Have you ever heard of the umbrella bird? How about the sparklemuffin peacock spider!  Or the monkeyface prickleback, the sarcastic fringehead, and the white-bellied go-away bird!

How do animals get their names? Well, there are two types of animal names: Scientific names and common names.

Scientific names are used as a way to categorize all living things, so even if you don’t know a lot about an animal, you can learn a lot about them by knowing their scientific name. There are eight different levels that living things get grouped into: domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus and species.

The broadest category is called the domain. There are three domains: archaea, bacteria, and eucarya. Bacteria and archaea are both categories of micro-organisms. All animals and plants belong in the eucarya domain.

Below domain is kingdom. There’s a kingdom for animals called Animalia and a kingdom for plants called plantae. (And a few others as well.) As you go through the classification system it gets more and more specific. So, take humans: we belong to the eucarya domain, the animalia kingdom, the chordata phylum (because we have a backbone), the mammalia class (because we’re mammals), the primate order, homonidae family, homo is our genus and homo sapien is our species name.

All species have two official scientific names, kind of like how you have a first name and a family name. So the species name for humans is homo sapien. The species name for a common black rat is rattus rattus. An Asian elephant is elephas maximus.

Those names sound fancy, and originally the scientific names of animals were in Latin or Greek, but they don’t have to be Latin or Greek anymore, they just have to sound like they are!

But we don’t typically call all animals by their scientific names. We often refer to them by their common names, which are kind of like nicknames! Common names can be different in different languages. Like, the scientific name for a wolf is canus lupus. That would stay the same no matter what language you’re using. But in English we tend to call it a wolf; in Spanish you’d call it un lobo, and in Welsh it would be blaidd (pronounced “blythe”).

Even within the same language, an animal can have lots of common names. Here in Vermont, where I live, we have an animal called a groundhog. But most people around here call it a woodchuck. And others call it a land beaver, or a whistle pig! Common names were often in use long before animals go their specific scientific names.

2021 Education Conferences: The #1 Education Events Guide

One of the best ways to network and learn about the latest trends in education is to attend an educational conference. Here’s a look at some of the top 2021 education events.

This conference directory features dozens of must-attend education events taking place in 2021 and covering a wide range of fields, including higher education, education administration, education management, and education tech.

To better navigate this list, let’s quickly review the different event types you’ll come across.

  • Conferences – Conferences are large events that bring together education professionals in the field. Activities at these events include speakers, workshops, and networking sessions.
  • Summits – Summits are often meetings with high-level professionals to discuss the newest findings in a field. However, some summits function just like conferences.
  • Symposium – Symposiums are events where experts in the field give presentations to an audience.

The pandemic forced many events to shift their strategies and apply coronavirus best practices for events. Education conferences in 2021 will take a new approach with these major shifts in mind. Most of the gatherings featured in this directory will now take place in the form of virtual events.

If you are organizing an education event and would like us to add it to the Bizzabo blog, click here to submit it.

2021 Education Conferences


Name Location Start Date Description
2021 Joint Mathematics Meetings Online 1/6/21 This meeting is a must-attend for anyone interested in learning about innovative mathematical research, advancing mathematical achievement, providing the communication and tools to progress in the field, encouraging mathematical research, and connecting with the mathematical community.
MLA Annual Convention Online 1/7/21 MLA 2021 online will allow new modes of participation and encourage even more members to get involved. The convention reflects the best intellectual energies of many MLA members.
32nd Ann Ferren Conference Online 1/8/21 The conference will include 29 sessions; a morning plenary at which Executive Director of the Center for Media & Social Impact, Caty Borum Chattoo will host a session titled “The Creative Power of “Yes, And” in a World of “No, But”: Comedy for Empowering Community and Social Justice”; and a luncheon plenary titled “Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Tenure, Promotion, and Reappointment” led by Interim Deputy Provost, Monica Jackson. The conference concludes with a virtual end-of-conference social.
Bett Online 1/20/21 Bett is the first industry show of the year in the education technology landscape, bringing together 850 leading companies, 103 exciting new ed-tech startups, and over 34,700 attendees (131 countries represented) from the global education community.
Comprehensive Literacy and Reading Recovery Conference Online 1/20/21 The conference is designed to provide superb professional development and networking opportunities for K-8 classroom teachers, intervention (Reading Recovery, Special Education, ESL) teachers, instructional coaches, program specialists, and administrators.
Shaping the Future of Higher Education: An Invitation to Lead Online 1/20/21 The 2021 annual meeting will bring together campus leaders at all levels and from institutions of all types to explore the most pressing questions now facing higher education, to share effective educational practices and explore new financial models, and to work out together what undergraduate education will look like in a post-pandemic future.
Special Education Leaders Network by West40 Online 1/21/21 West40 is pleased to offer this networking opportunity for those who support social-emotional learning in our area. The network will explore the world of social-emotional learning in education. Members will discuss best practices, share ideas, and identify professional learning needs for themselves and their school staff.
Southern Conference on Children Online 1/23/21 The Southern Conference on Children continues to serve childcare providers, directors, teachers, and families by providing relevant, high-quality training on important issues.
Future of Education Technology Conference Online 1/26/21 FETC 2021 will be a fully interactive — FREE — virtual multi-day conference experience using state-of-the-art technology — not just a series of canned webinars. You’ll hear from blockbuster keynoters, learn from top experts and innovators in education technologies, experience AI-based networking to build your PLN, and explore the cutting-edge FETC Virtual Expo where solution providers will demonstrate all the latest apps, hardware, software, and tech tools to help your school or district emerge stronger in this new era.
2021 Leadership Summit on
Educator Mental Health
and Wellness
Online 1/27/21 Many teachers feel stressed and overwhelmed, especially as schools have made the big transition to virtual school or hybrid models. School and district leaders are tasked with supporting students through a difficult time.
Heads Conference Online 1/28/21 This conference is an annual exploration of school leadership, organized by the independent schools association of the central states (ISACS).
UMLA 2021: Survive – Strive – Thrive Online 1/30/21 The conference is one of the best sources of professional learning to be found in the state for Middle-Level Educators.
Common Ground 2021 Online 1/30/21 Together, 18 non-profit educational organizations are focused on creating an unforgettable learning experience rich in innovative ideas, best practices, and sharing what works.
Everyone Reading Conference Online 1/23/21 & 2/6/21 Learn new strategies from noted experts in the field of dyslexia and related learning disabilities, and experience the latest in teaching resources, technologies, schools, and programs.

back to top


Name Location Start Date Description
National Reading Recovery & K-6 Literacy Conference Online 1/30/21 LitCon: National K-8 Literacy & Reading Recovery Conference is the largest and best K-8 literacy conference in North America. This year’s lineup features Cornelius Minor, Gerry Brooks, Pernille Ripp, Mary Fried, Anthony Muhammad, Sharroky Hollie, & many more.
TCEA Convention & Exposition Online 2/1/21 Since 1980, TCEA has worked to connect educators with the latest pedagogical ideas, teaching techniques, and tech tools — and with each other. Their annual Convention & Exposition showcases the most influential thinkers and leaders in education, along with the biggest names in the ed-tech business, all sharing a wealth of knowledge with our attendees.
Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy Online 2/3/21 The conference showcases the best pedagogical practice and research in higher education today. Sessions address disciplinary and interdisciplinary instructional strategies, outcomes, and research. Each year we welcome over 500 faculty and instructors in Higher Education dedicated to teaching excellence.
C W Austin Learning Disabilities Conference Online 2/6/21 This conference honors Christopher Austin who was a successful college student with dyslexia. He was a talented musician, writer, and visual artist tragically killed by a drunk driver at age 20. We celebrate his gifts and hope to give parents and professionals the tools they need to lift up the LD students in their lives through this conference.
National Convening on Personalized Learning Online 2/8/21 The Institute’s annual convening is an opportunity for educators to come together to discuss emerging best practices, lessons learned, and introduce new topics or aspects of personalized learning.
National ESEA Conference Online 2/8/21 With the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, tomorrow is today, the future is now. Never before has the need for technology, innovation, and creativity been greater than it is in the current hour. This year, they gather the nation’s top leaders in education to explore the theme “Educating for Tomorrow”.
WISE Conference Online 2/10/21 WISE is the pioneering conference for faculty leaders, program coordinators, and administrators to develop the knowledge and skills needed to help students advance their intercultural skills and awareness during their abroad experiences.
National Cross-Cultural Counseling and Education Conference for Research, Action, and Change Online 2/11/21 The National Cross-Cultural Counseling and Education Conference for Research, Action, and Change serves as a professional diversity platform. Each year, clinicians, educators, higher education professionals, change agents, and students gather for two days of critical interactions and community around topics of oppression, identity, society, and social action.
AIEA Annual Conference Online 2/15/21 The AIEA Annual Conference is the only conference specifically for those leading international education at higher education institutions.
European Learning & Teaching Forum Online 2/18/21 The European Learning & Teaching Forum is an EUA event that provides an opportunity for participants to meet and discuss developments in learning and teaching at European universities. The Forum builds on EUA’s work with its member universities on this topic. Alongside the bottom-up approach, the Forum makes use of EUA’s extensive policy work in European higher education.
Crisis Leadership in High Education Online 2/22/21 Drawing on the combined expertise of the Harvard Kennedy School in crisis management and the Harvard Graduate School of Education in higher education, this program prepares college administrators to respond to crises effectively, develop protocols and practices that minimize the potential for future occurrences, and inspire confidence in the long-term safety, security, and success of their institutions.
NCSEA Policy Forum Online 2/23/21 NCSEA’s Policy Forum is dedicated to the policies and issues influencing the child support program at the national, state, and local levels.
LEAD Winter Online 2/26/21 LEAD Winter will bring together and inspire NHS, NJHS, and NatStuCo member students and advisers from all over the world to make a difference in their schools and communities.

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Name Location Start Date Description
Innovations Conference Online 3/1/21 The Innovations Conference, now in its 23rd year, is the foremost convening for professionals dedicated to improving and enhancing teaching and learning, leadership and management, and the community college experience.
The Forum’s Annual Conference Online 3/1/21 Celebrating the 20th anniversary of The Forum’s founding, reflect on what has been learned over the past two decades, and how recent events charge people to change in the twenty years to come. Join the event for dynamic dialogue on the evolution of work and the revolution needed to thrive in the uncertain times ahead. This call for proposals is a call to action and a call to innovate, collaborate, and share. Now is the time to think big, present bold ideas, and offer innovative solutions.
National Youth-At-Risk Conference Online 3/8/21 The National Youth-At-Risk Conference is designed to provide quality, relevant training for all people interested in the well-being of youth.
Diversity, Equity, and Student Success Online 3/24/21 This event will examine what it means to work toward a campus environment where inclusivity thrives through constant reflection, analysis, and accountability.
Utah Early Childhood Conference Online 3/26/21 This annual conference engages and inspires participants through excellent training presented by local and national early childhood experts, networking opportunities, and experiences with early childhood exhibitors.

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Name Location Start Date Description
Higher Learning Commission Annual Conference Online 4/5/2001 The annual conference will focus on how institutions of higher learning can work with students to create roadmaps for student success.
NCEA 2021 Online 4/6/21 Join the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) and be ignited for transformation, united in community, and inspired by faith as you connect with and learn from a nationwide group of Catholic school educators.
International Conference Annual Meeting Online 4/6/21 The 2021 virtual ICAM has more than 40 hours of engaging sessions, peer networking, regional and topical meetings, and social discussions. Your conference registration also provides access to the Exchange, where you can interact with your peers.
NSBA 2021 Annual Conference Online 4/8/21 NSBA 2021 brings together education leaders to learn about best governance practices, gain insight into child development, and learn about new programs and technology that can help enrich student learning.
CIES 2021 Online 4/25/21 vCIES 2021 will provide a full conference program that responds to the conference theme, Social Responsibility within Changing Contexts, and expands knowledge production and educational practice within the field of comparative and international education.
NPEA National Conference Online 4/27/21 NPEA’s annual conference will focus on the importance of coming together as a field to best support underserved students on their paths towards college and career success.
On Course National Conference Online 4/29/21 Exchange and celebrate best practices in student success from immediately usable instructional and counseling strategies to campus-wide programs that increase retention and student academic success. Learn great new strategies from educators who are changing the lives of their students and transforming their colleges into learner-centered institutions.
South East Coastal Conference on Language & Literatures TBD TBD SECCLL is oriented toward the participation of scholars from both public and private institutions of higher education. It is a collegiate, informational, and respectful environment marked by a rigorous d productive exchange among academics.

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Name Location Start Date Description
Native American Conference on Special Education Online May 2021 The conference is designed to provide resources to families of children with disabilities, developmental delays, and special healthcare needs.
ELI Annual Meeting Online 5/18/21 The ELI Annual Meeting is the premier gathering of higher education teaching and learning professionals. This is the one event that explores solutions to our learning community’s key issues, engages innovative technology and service providers, and unites expertise across our institutions.

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Name Location Start Date Description
The Annual Model Schools Conference Nashville & Online June 2021 Model Schools Conference 2021, a newly designed hybrid professional learning experience for all K-12 leaders and teachers. Together, attendees will unite around their common cause of rigor and equitable student learning, and ignite the passion for giving all students the education they deserve in your care.
EDxEDNYC Online 6/3/21 EDxED is an annual education conference for educators by educators from Hudson High School of Learning Technologies in New York City.
NCORE Online 6/7/21 Since its inception, NCORE has evolved into a vital national resource for higher education institutions, providing an annual multicultural forum that attracts all people of color in higher education institutions across the United States.
Southeast Conference on Positive Behavior Interventions and Support Savannah, GA 6/7/21 The Southeast Conference on Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) is a two and a half-day annual conference that provides training for schools and districts for developing school-wide behavioral intervention plans.
Collegiate Information and Visitor Services Association Annual Conference St. Louis 6/15/21 This annual conference is packed with learning opportunities, including 10 blocks of educational concurrent sessions, 3 plenary sessions, and informal programming and events designed to help you develop new ideas, share experiences, discover best practices, and network with information and visitor services professionals.
Going Global 2021 Online 6/15/21 Going Global is a conference for leaders in international education to debate the future of further and higher education.
Model Schools Conference Nashville, TN, and Online 6/15/21 What’s next for teaching and learning? Each year, educators come to the Model Schools Conference to share innovative ideas and best practices for developing the classrooms of the future. This four-day event brings together like-minded educators—teachers, leaders, and education visionaries—who are focused on raising the bar on instruction, revolutionizing school leadership, engaging students in real-world learning opportunities, and looking at emerging innovations in teaching and learning.
National Charter Schools Conference Online 6/20/21 The National Charter Schools Conference is the best learning and networking event for charter school educators, leaders, and advocates.
PBL World Online 6/21/21 PBL World is the premier conference for Project-Based Learning. Each year, they bring together dedicated K-12 teachers, instructional coaches, and school and district leaders who want to connect with each other and learn more about PBL.
Innovative Schools Summit Atlanta Atlanta, GA & Online 6/21/21 The Innovative Schools Summit Atlanta will host 5 conferences in one location focused on empowering, improving, and helping students nationwide.
Canada International Conference on Education (CICE) Online 6/22/21 The CICE is an international refereed conference dedicated to the advancement of the theory and practices in education.
At-Risk & Struggling Students Conference Orlando, Atlanta, Las Vegas & San Antonio 6/22/21 This conference focuses on evidence-based programs and strategies that educators can use to prevent dropouts and to help students experience success in school.
Wired Differently Conference Orlando, Atlanta, Las Vegas & San Antonio 6/22/21 Now in its eighth year, the Wired Differently: Trauma-Informed Schools Conference will offer a wide array of critical insights and best practices for reaching and teaching students with a variety of emotional and behavioral challenges – especially trauma, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), PTSD, and related issues. Principals, other administrators, general ed teachers, special needs teachers, resource teachers, and paraprofessionals attending the Wired Differently Conference will benefit from tools, recommendations, and strategies for working with this often high-potential portion of the student population.
ASCD Annual Conference Online 6/23/21 Join speakers and sessions that will accelerate your summer learning plans and help get you prepared for the school year.
ISTE – International Society for Technology in Education San Antonio & Online 6/27/21 Immerse yourself in powerful ideas and inspirational speakers, while connecting with innovative educators who share your passion for transformative learning.
Get Your Teach On: Dallas Houston, TX 6/27/21 Join thousands of educators from around the world as they come together to be inspired, supported, and immersed in a community that is striving to create classrooms where students truly choose to want to learn each and every day.

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Name Location Start Date Description
Connected Learning Summit Online 7/1/21 Join a gathering of innovators harnessing emerging technology to expand access to participatory, playful, and creative learning.
Innovative Schools Summit Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV & Online 7/5/21 The Innovative School Summit Las Vegas will feature a great lineup of award-winning and nationally recognized speakers. This expert lineup of presenters draws upon their years of experience and research to provide proven strategies that work.
SCUP Conference Philadelphia & Online 7/11/21 SCUP’s Annual Conference is where higher education leaders share their stories — stories of boundary spanning, cross-functional teams, and resource alignment. These stories motivate, connect, and ignite new ideas that help higher education prepare for whatever is next.
Games for Change Online 7/12/21 This event inspires youth to explore civic issues and learn 21st-century and STEM skills through our Student Challenge and we train educators to run game design classes on impact games.
SUNY Learning with Innovative Technology Conference Online 7/23/21 The conference is designed for educators of all types, including K-12 teachers, higher education faculty, and students interested in the use of technologies in education.
DLA 2021 Jekyll Island, Georgia 7/25/21 The Distance Learning Administration Conference focuses on the administration and management of distance learning. The conference specifically addresses the needs of those who plan, manage, and support distance education activities.
World Congress on Education Toronto, Canada & Online 7/26/21 The aim of the World Congress on Education is to provide an opportunity for academicians and professionals from various educational fields with cross-disciplinary interests to bridge the knowledge gap, promote research esteem and the evolution of pedagogy. The WCE-2021 invites research papers that encompass conceptual analysis, design implementation, and performance evaluation.

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Name Location Start Date Description
Distance Teaching & Learning Conference Online 8/2/21 DT&L isn’t just a conference, it’s a community of educators with ideas and experiences to share. You’ll laugh, you’ll be moved, and you’ll come away with new ways to approach your work and put research into practice.
EDuTech Melbourne, Australia 8/17/21 EduTECH is Australia’s largest annual education event, featuring thousands of participants across multiple conferences, masterclasses and networking functions, plus a massive interactive trade show.

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Name Location Start Date Description
Conference on Meaningful Living and Learning in a Digital World 2021 Savannah, GA 9/13/21 You are invited to engage in the fifth-annual meeting which explores one of the most important issues of our era – how to live and learn with technology in ways that add authentic value to our lives and to the world. As we embrace the conveniences of emerging technologies in the classroom and beyond, you will explore ways to employ them with a people-centered approach that includes balance, compassion, healthy living, mindfulness and relationships.

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Name Location Start Date Description
HighEdWeb 2020 Buffalo, NY, and Online 10/3/21 A conference created by and for higher education professionals across all departments and divisions. Together we explore and find solutions for the unique issues facing digital teams at colleges and universities. In 2020, the Conference will be held completely online, offering multiple tracks of streamed presentations, live Q&A sessions, networking events.
The American Associated for Teaching and Curriculum Conference Albuquerque, New Mexico 10/7/21 AATC is dedicated to developing dialogue around teaching, curriculum, and related issues.
Tertiary Education Management Conference Brisbane, Australia 10/10/21 The only Conference in the tertiary sector which covers the full range of functions in institutions, and is designed to allow participants to build strong global networks.
AASHE Conference & Expo Online 10/12/21 AASHE’s annual conference is the largest stage to share effective models, policies, research, collaborations and transformative actions which advance sustainability in higher education and surrounding communities.
EducationExperts Dubai, UAE 10/12/21 Education Experts is a unique set of events bringing together the latest trends and knowledge in education across a global platform. Leaders across the Education Sector will come together to share their expertise and give the opportunity for fellow educators to take away vital ideas and information that will ultimately lead to school improvement and raising standards.
ITEC Conference TBD TBD ITEC promotes the use of technology in education by demonstrating to its members, other educators and the public, developments in educational technology and how its appropriate use supports teaching and learning.

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Name Location Start Date Description
NCTE Annual Convention Baltimore, MD 11/18/21 Each November thousands of literacy educators from across the country make the journey to a Convention that inspires their practice and rejuvenates their profession. They leave with strong strategies and best practices for teaching literacy, language, and composition. They learn new ideas for delivering instruction that engages students and addresses the most pressing needs within the school and district.

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Wrapping Up: Finding the Right Ed Conference For You

After reading this comprehensive list of top education conferences, you’re ready to take your professional development to the next level in 2021!

Whether you work in higher education, education administration, education management, ed-tech, or some other educational field, these hybrid and virtual conferences will give you new insights and skills to bring back to your schools. Be sure to check back on the list often as we’ll be updating it throughout the year.

Interested in more comprehensive event directories? Check out our:

If you feel like we’re missing an event or you’d like your own event featured, click on the button below and apply to have your event featured on our list.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on November 19, 2019 and has since been updated for relevancy.


Piper the peacock insists that being pretty is the most important thing of all, but Plain Jane the gangly crane says different. Who’s right??

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Among Us Birthday Party

Among Us Birthday Party on Kara's Party Ideas | KarasPartyIdeas.com (12)

Do you have a child that’s enthralled with the space-like game known as Among Us? If so you will go crazy for this Among Us Birthday Party by Chrissy Trujillo of Our Tru Life, out of Vero Beach, Florida!

Featuring character sweets and space themed decor, this birthday bash will be a win, for sure!

So pick a character and suit up and be sure to seek out these party details that I can’t get enough of:

  • Custom Space-inspired Among Us Dessert Table Backdrop
  • Among Us Space Cake
  • Bright and Colorful Cupcakes with awesome Among Us Character Toppers
  • Among Us Character Cookies
  • Custom Character Shirts + Lanyard Badges

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Glam Pastel New Year’s Eve Party

Glam Pastel New Year's Eve Party on Kara's Party Ideas | KarasPartyIdeas.com (4)

Looking for cute with a little bit of shimmer, this Glam Pastel New Year’s Eve Party by Dushani Pirathees of Table Matters, out of Toronto Ontario, is sure to deliver!

Featuring a darling, pastel glam guest table decked out with personalized touches and more, this New Year’s Eve celebration is full of details to ring in!

So grab your poppers and get ready to cheer because these favorite details will be here all year:

  • Personalized Pastel Table Settings with Modern White + Gold Flatware
  • Scattered Disco Balls
  • “Let’s Party” Invite
  • Two-tiered Confetti Cake
  • Colorful Balloon Install

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IMEX CEO on What the Show’s Cancellation Means for the Event Industry’s Recovery

IMEX Frankfurt, one of the most important trade shows in the event industry, has officially been cancelled for the second year in a row. This decision not only affects the show’s stakeholders but also indicates a longer recovery for the event industry overall.   IMEX is an annual staple of the event industry, with major […]

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How to Choose the Best Virtual Event Platform for You

These are the key elements to consider when evaluating virtual event platforms so you can find the right solution for your virtual event.

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the entire events industry and sparked a monumental shift from in-person events to virtual conferences. In the beginning of the pandemic, event planners were looking for a quick and easy solution to help them pivot their live events to virtual events. The world took notice as events across the globe were postponed, canceled, or moved to a virtual platform. There was no room nor need for bells and whistles, just the bare necessities and quickest execution. Production value and attendee experience were the last thing on anyone’s mind, planners were simply satisfied with the ability to connect to their audiences virtually.

As zoom fatigue sets in and virtual events become commonplace, the standard has changed. In order to continue delivering unique attendee experiences and creating value, the events industry must be agile. Event planners know finding a virtual event platform that can be a long-term solution is not just a priority, but a necessity. But with hundreds of platforms available, how can you determine which tool best suits your individual needs? Here are the key elements to consider when evaluating potential virtual event platforms.

Identify Your Event Experience

The first thing you need to consider is the type of experience you want your attendees to have. Is your event going to be informative and educational? If so, you probably will be looking for a solution that can handle larger audiences and won’t need as many additional features or tools. Or do you envision an engaging and interactive experience for your attendees? If that’s the case, you’d more likely be looking for a platform that has robust engagement tools.

For inspiration on hosting virtual experiences, check out 20 virtual event ideas.

Determine Your Event Goals

The next step is to determine your own event goals. What are you looking to get from your virtual event platform? Maybe you want to have a central place to manage your entire event. Perhaps time savings is a priority. Or is having a great customer experience most important to you? Whatever your event goals are, they will serve as a north star as you search for a virtual event platform.

Identify Your Must-Have Features

Once you have a clear idea of your event goals, you can get more granular and determine which features will help you achieve those goals.

If your goal is to foster networking among your attendees, you’ll want to look at platforms that are purpose-built for interaction and use tools like polling or Q&A to engage the audience.

Each platform has different offerings, so it’s important to understand what features you need for your specific event goals. There are many aspects to consider, from registration management to an event website to data analytics capabilities. Here are some common features to get you started:

  • Registration and ticketing
  • Event Website
  • Event App
  • Event promotion
  • Sponsor/Speaker management
  • Agenda Builder
  • Networking and attendee engagement
  • Data analytics
  • Integrations
  • Virtual Production Services

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Identify Your Nice-To-Have Features

In addition to the features you need to have a successful event, you’ll also want to have a list of ones that would be great to have, but won’t make or break your decision. This helps because if you’re comparing 2 platforms and they both meet your basic requirements, having that secondary list of nice-to-have features will help you decide between them.

What should you look for in a virtual event platform?

In order to find the best virtual event solution, think about essential aspects that will really help drive your event success. These are the key elements that you should be looking for in a virtual event platform.


If we learned anything from 2020, it’s the importance of finding an event solution that sets you up for long-term success. As Heraclitis once said, “the only constant in life is change.” Pick a solution that will grow with you and that will be able to adapt to changing circumstances. Take hybrid events for example, 97% of event organizers believe that we will see more hybrid events in 2021, so picking a platform that can support both live and in-person experiences is crucial. At Bizzabo, we are constantly planning for the future, which is why we’re investing $138 million into the hybrid future of events.

hybrid events - virtual event platform evaluation

Long-term Investment

Given how long and tiring a process it can be to find a virtual event platform, it doesn’t make sense to do it again every time you have an event. Instead, look for a solution that allows you to have a long-term partnership. There are many benefits to investing in a virtual solution long-term, here’s just a few:

  • Time saved – you don’t want to spend 3 months out of a year evaluating event software, with a multi-year contract, you can spend less time on demos and more time on planning events. Plus, you know exactly how to use the platform which will save you the time in the actual event planning and execution process.
  • Attendee experience – giving your attendees a similar experience at each event often leads to less attendee drop off.
  • Data continuity – tracking your event ROI year over year is difficult when switching providers every year, and you will lose previous years’ data.
  • Price – often you can lock in the price or get a better discount with multi-year contracts, and with the ever-changing space many providers are increasing costs. In addition, locking in the price for multiple years ensures your budget is already set aside for the next year.

Customer Service

Remember that you will be heavily involved in the process of choosing and using a virtual event provider. From demos and onboarding to troubleshooting and support, you will be the one spending the most time using the platform. Make sure that you pick one you feel comfortable with and trust to make you a priority. It’s easy to forget about clients once they are already signed on, so be thoughtful and take the time to find a company that you can count on through the entire process. You will likely have questions or run into bumps when you are getting used to the platform, and probably even during your virtual event. Finding an attentive partner is an important aspect of planning a successful event.

User Friendly

Just like you want your customer experience to be seamless, the platform itself should be easy to use and navigate on the back-end. In addition to you and your team, speakers, sponsors, and other partners might also be using the platform and you’ll want to make sure it’s a positive experience for them.

Equally important is the front-end design. Pick a platform that’s as easy for your attendees to use as it is for you. When it comes to virtual events, user experience is a key element of your audience’s overall event experience.

End-To-End Solution

Do yourself a favor and invest in a platform that houses everything in one place. Make sure that the features are all connected and that it’s purpose-built to save you time and energy. Even if you have other systems you already use, find a platform that can power those integrations so you don’t need to learn a new system.

Your virtual event solution should be working for you, not against you and choosing an end-to-end platform will give you more time to focus on your event strategy and less on administrative tasks.

Customization & Brandability

Your event is an extension of your brand, and most likely, you want to find a platform that gives you room to customize the look, feel, and user experience. If your attendees land on your registration page or event portal and they don’t immediately recognize your brand, that can result in confusion and potentially attendance drop off. When it comes to virtual events, consistency is key, so look for a virtual event platform that’s built to let your brand shine.

Troubleshooting & Support

Event planners know that in events – whether live or online – you need to expect that things might go wrong and have a plan for when it does. In the virtual space, events are dependent on technology, so having a means to troubleshoot is crucial. Find a provider that will help you learn the ins and outs of their platform and make sure you are set up for future success. Your provider shouldn’t just be available when you’re getting onboarded, they should be available to support you anytime you need assistance.


The entire industry is trying to navigate the new landscape of virtual events. There’s no rule book to go by, and trial and error is the name of the game. That’s why some virtual event solutions offer community support where you can search for answers and get inspiration from fellow event organizers. The community aspect is great because it’s a means to share best practices, but it’s also a great tool to find answers if your provider is not available at the time.

Here’s an example of how we launched our own Bizzabo customer community.

Finding the right virtual conference platform comes down to understanding your specific needs and keeping in mind your future goals. 2020 has shown that event planners are incredibly agile, and you need a virtual solution that can keep up. With so many options, it can be overwhelming, but using this guide will help simplify the process, saving you time and energy.

Elegant Rustic Garden Baby Shower

Oh Baby Cake Spread from an Elegant Rustic Garden Baby Shower on Kara's Party Ideas | KarasPartyIdeas.com (16)

You’re sure to coo with glee over this Elegant Rustic Garden Baby Shower by Ieasha James of Endless Flair Events, out of Little Bird, Norwood, MA!

Featuring gorgeous garden blooms, greenery and more, this celebration is darling down to its core!

So pull up a chair and take a seat and check out these precious details that are a real treat:

  • Modern Garden Backdrops
  • Garden Safari Cake
  • Giraffe Topiary
  • Adorable Garden Topiary Baby Blocks
  • Rustic Wood Guest Tables with Industrial Black Chairs
  • Adorable Dessert Wall with Custom Garden Baby Sweets

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Can Event Destinations Drive New Business by Hosting Sport Bubbles?

The NBA made headlines with its 2020 sporting bubble held in Florida’s Disney World, and now the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championships has just secured a deal to host its 2021 games in Indianapolis. Is there an opportunity for destinations to rebrand as sporting hubs? It’s old news that sport bubbles depend on regular testing to […]

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