Another Happy Customer! October 27th, 2018

Another Happy Customer! October 27th, 2018 - image Untitled-1-e1541564088983 on

I must say they did a very awesome job! They were very patient with the kids, they were very down to earth, kept the kids entertained. They even got the adults attention and I thought WOW thats cool! And Phoebe, OMG Phoebe is so down to earth! I love Phoebe got a lot of moves! She got flag, she got a lot of flag, I was like Phoebe no disrespect but are you sure your not black?!? Are you sure you don’t have some black mix in you?!? That was so funny and she could dance! I definitely enjoyed myself and I throw another birthday party I’ll definitely hire them again!

РZeena, Brooklyn NY

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