Clowns for Birthday Parties

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Clowns for Birthday Parties

Every birthday party needs some sort of entertainment, and what better way to make your guests laugh and smile than with a clown? Clowns are the classic option for birthday party entertainment, offering a seemingly endless supply of jokes, gags, and pranks that will last throughout the entire get-together. Guests will enjoy the goofy interactions and funny looks that the clowns will give, and kids will appreciate the cartoon-like nature of the clown. With a variety of looks and styles, you can even hire multiple clowns that will provide hilarious standoffs and gags between each other.

Clowns can perform a variety of services such as magic shows and creating balloon animals. Kids will be astounded by the clown’s magic tricks one moment and then be cracking up at his pranks the next. The magic that a clown can bring to a party is friendly and funny while remaining impressive and hard to figure out. There’s nothing quite like the classic never-ending ribbon gag which has kids laughing and trying to figure it out at the same time.

Balloon animals are another great service that a clown can bring to a birthday party. Every kid loves having their own personalized animal, and it is entertaining to watch the clown use his talent to put together a horse, giraffe, or even dolphin using only balloons. If a balloon pops, no problem! The clown will have plenty more where that came from and will be happy to make another animal for any child that needs one.

In addition to performing magic and making balloon animals, clowns can do a variety of other things as well! They’ll be happy to use their artistic skills to paint faces and provide temporary tattoos for your kids. They can even bring a cotton candy machine and win over the favor of the entire party with this sweet treat! Kids love the sugary taste and softness of cotton candy, and clowns can even make the serving process a funny, enjoyable experience.

Don’t forget about music! Some clowns are accomplished musicians playing instruments such as guitars, horns, and accordions. They’ll even be happy to DJ your party with the best party music that will have kids and adults dancing all night (or afternoon) long. A great clown will even choreograph a silly dance and get everyone involved to keep the laughs going and the energy rising. What’s a party without music, anyway?

If you’re celebrating in or around New York City and looking for a clown to perform at your kid’s birthday party, visit today! We have professional, experienced clowns who will bring great personality and a wonderful atmosphere to any of your parties. Our clowns can do it all, including face painting, magic shows, tattoos, balloon animals, bubbles, cotton candy, games, dancing, and party music! Your child’s birthday will be unforgettable when you book one (or several) or our hilarious, friendly, and talented clowns. Visit our site today for a free quote!

Birthday Party Entertainment Ideas

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Birthday Party Entertainment Ideas

Planning a birthday party can be stressful, time-consuming, and expensive. Especially in New York City. You may not have a good idea exactly what the birthday boy or girl wants, or you may be strapped for time, or feeling that you’re unable to provide a sufficient party. However, this shouldn’t be too difficult of a task. You just have to remember that a birthday party should be a fun time for everyone involved, especially the guest of honor. Here are some kids party entertainment ideas to help you plan a successful, fun, and most importantly, relaxing birthday party.

Pool Party

If you already have a pool in your yard, this is a great chance to take advantage of it! Everybody loves a pool party, especially on a hot summer day. Set up fun decorations, have a variety of light snacks and meals, and open up your pool for a splashin’ good time! If you don’t own a pool, you can actually rent inflatable pools that can make for a fun time for everyone. You may also consider renting out space at your local pool if they allow it. That means no cleanup and an overall easier time for you!

Live Band

What better way to get a party started than kicking it off with some live music? You can choose from a variety of options based on the musical preferences of the special birthday boy or girl. You can have a solo singer covering songs on an acoustic guitar or an entire ensemble with drums, horns, and keyboards. The options are endless when it comes to live music, and you’ll be sure to find something that will keep everyone dancing!


If you don’t want to spend the money on a live band or simply don’t have the space, a DJ can be a great way to keep the party moving along through the power of music. DJ’s know exactly when to drop the hottest hit songs and when to pull things back a notch to slow it down a little. They are well-versed in parties and will even take special requests based on the desires of your partygoers.


Incorporating games into a birthday is a fun way to get everyone involved and encourage participation. It doesn’t matter who wins or loses, as long as everyone is having fun! Things like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Musical Chairs, or Pictionary are tried and true classics that can be enjoyed by everyone.


Clowns are always a hit at a party, and it’s easy to see why! With their goofy demeanor, harmless pranks, and friendly personalities, clowns make the perfect guest and entertainer for any party. The birthday boy or girl can receive special face-painting or an elaborate balloon animal from the clown while the other kids can benefit from similar experiences. If you are planning a birthday party and are considering hiring a clown, visit today for a free quote!

Best Clowns In New York

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Best Clowns in New York

New York doesn’t suffer from a shortage of much of anything, and clowns are no exception. There are many quality clowns across the sprawling city, and it can be a challenge to choose the best clown for your kids party entertainment. Whether you are hosting a kid’s party or seeking entertainment for a birthday, you have a seemingly endless option of clowns and entertainers to choose from.

NYC Birthday Clowns

If you want to book one of the best clown experiences in New York, visit today! These professional entertainers can provide two clowns that will perform magic, tell jokes, lead dances, make candy, and so much more. NYC Birthday Clowns is the way to go if you want to get the best value for your kid’s birthday parties!

5 Tips For Planning Your Kids Party

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5 Tips For Planning Your Kids Party

1. Balloons: Balloons are not only inexpensive decorations, they can also be used to play party games and sent home as favors!

2. Buddy Up: If your child’s birthday happens to be close to a friend’s, consider a joint party. You can split the cost and responsibilities with the other child’s parents. Just remember to get each child their own cake.

3. Avoid Party Store Markups: Party stores can be fantastic for specialty items and theme parties, but candy and decorations can be found easily for half the price at a dollar store.

4. Shop Online: Not only are prices better, but shopping online can help you avoid impulse purchases.

5. Price Out the Party Places: Not up for hosting at your casa? It may be more cost- and time-effective to let a venue do the work.

Extra Tip: If you live near New York, hire and have all of your kids party entertainment taken care of for you!