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What Kids Really Want at Their Birthday Parties

It turns out bigger isn’t always better when it comes to your child’s birthday. Planning a birthday party for your child can seem to get more and more stressful and time consuming year after year, but those big birthday bashes we see online (we’re looking at you, Pinterest!) may not be what your child really wants […]

Birthday Cakes You Can Bake at Home with Your Kids

Easy as pie—er…cake! If you’re throwing a birthday party for your child, impress everyone by baking your own homemade birthday cake—and get your children involved in the process! These three recipes are easy enough for kids to help make and will get them excited about baking and decorating. Besides, who says you can’t have your […]

How to Plan For Your Child With Special Need’s Future

Parents of children with special needs must plan for the years ahead in important ways. Here’s where to begin. Parenting is challenging no matter what. But as Nicole Johnson of Port Washington in Nassau County puts it, “parenting a severely disabled child is just very different. Our concerns are not ordinary.” Johnson’s daughter, Josie, 7, has FOXG1 […]

How to Become a Zero-Waste Household

Here’s how to make the green movement of limiting the amount of trash your family creates work for your household. Zero-waste living has become a lifestyle movement. There are now hundreds of books, blogs, and videos about it, and even a number of zero-waste stores opening in New York City. For a beginner, becoming a […]

10 Birthday Cake Bakeries in NYC with Stunning Designs for Kids

Looking for a kids’ birthday cake takes the cake, doesn’t it? Call off the search, because we’ve scoured the five boroughs to find the most mind-blowing confections that pair perfectly with that awesome party spot you found. Whether you want a twist on a classic treat, gluten-free goodies, or a sculpted replica of your child’s favorite character, there’s something […]