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NYC Birthday Clowns Company Overview

Planning and organizing a birthday party, kid’s party and other events is a cumbersome task. At NYC Birthday Clowns, we completely understand and relate to your situation. We know that you have a lot on your mind including distribution of party invitations, food arrangement, decoration etc. So, while you take care of all of that, we handle another very important aspect of any party or event i.e. keeping the crowd entertained and amused.

NYC Birthday Clowns is a full service kids party entertainment company that offers a wide range of fun and exciting services for kids during birthday parties, park parties, holiday parties and other special occasions. As the leading kids entertainment company, we offer a gamut of services including cotton candy, face painting, balloon animals, bubbles, games and dancing, a crowning ceremony, party music, temporary tattoos, a magic show, and 2 friendly child entertainers.

Whether you are planning a grand birthday party celebration or even if you wish to throw a surprise party for your kids to make children feel special and loved, we are right here at your beck and call. We have all kinds of customized deals and special offers for our clients and that means you just need to sit back, relax and watch us in action!

We have the most skilled, creative and gifted entertainers who will leave no stone unturned in providing top-notch performances and unforgettable experiences. Our vibrant team of professional artists, magicians, face painters, tattoo experts and music players are accustomed to meeting and exceeding client expectations. Our services are competitively priced and ideal for those planning a family party, grand birthday celebrations, Halloween party and more. We are hired for our meticulous planning, extraordinary skills and ability to deliver services par excellence.


Our mission is to offer the very best value to our clients in New York. We are committed to spreading fun, happiness and laughter by delivering brilliant and exceptional performances at every step. Our team is extremely vibrant and love to offer quirks that we excel at.

Why Us?

Right from the time we step into your parties/events until after we have left, one thing you can be sure of is thorough entertainment. The bottom line is that your guests will always leave with lots of good memories and broad smiling faces. Our entertainers and artists focus on creating the right ambience for your guests, ensuring that they experience fun-filled moments from the beginning to the end.

At NYC Birthday Clowns, we are committed to offering excellence through our performances. With our client-centric approach and ability to use creative forms of expression, we look forward to delivering quality services and fun-filled evenings.

Put simply, we bring a different and exciting experience every time we are requested to organize a party for kids. We are highly professional in our approach and like to focus on our individual personality and skills to deliver what is really needed of us- fun, laughter and amusement. When you choose us, our team goes out of its way to put together a memorable show/event. We will never let you down and you can always bank on us for providing a joyous and welcoming experience to your guests.

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Core Values

Our core values include integrity, transparency, creativity and excellence. Our company strongly believes in the principle of integrity and honesty. We are committed to providing the services of the highest quality and standards. Our team always uses the most ethical ways and techniques to offer best in class party and entertainment solutions to our clients from diverse backgrounds. We strive hard to offer transparent and responsible services by constantly reviewing all our services, methods and overall approach. Not to forget, our motto is to drive excellence through our performances. We are passionate about our services and pursue quality and excellence every single day.

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Meet the team

We function as a team, which basically implies that we work collectively and not individually. We never bring our personal problems or agendas to work. That’s not our way of doing things. Instead we adopt a collaborative approach to ensure that your event, party or celebration is a huge success.

As a team of diverse individuals, we always respect each other’s perspectives and differences. In essence, we value every entertainer’s unique abilities and contributions that further enable us to deliver outstanding results in terms of performances for our clients.


With over a decade of experience in the area of kid’s parties and entertainment, Scott knows exactly what children need to feel happy, thrilled and thoroughly entertained. Having worked with a number of kids entertainment companies, Scott knew that he possessed the unique art of keeping every child blissful and engaged.

That triggered the idea of launching NYC Birthday Clowns and after being chased by people from every nook and corner within New York, he eventually launched the company in January 2018. Soon enough, Scott resolved to expand his team and searched for equally talented, professional and committed entertainers who had only one goal at the back of their minds- to keep kids completely amused, enthralled and fascinated.

Today, he has successfully built a team of over ten highly talented and creative entertainers who go out of their way to deliver extravaganza through their stunning performances. Scott is passionate about entertaining kids and has always focused on putting a smile across their faces.


Our magician is always the favorite of everyone in the crowd. Our tricks and magical performances will leave you awe-struck. Yes, we are that good! The magicians on our team are highly skilled, entertaining and have a unique presentation style of their own. From keeping the audiences, especially kids engaged to delivering breathtaking magic tricks and performances, they will leave everyone craving for more.

Face Painter

We are renowned across New York for our incredible, amazing and colorful face painting ideas and skills. Our face painting expert will make certain that your guests look terrific with their faces painted. Yes, no costumes needed! Our face painting specialist will use fun ideas to paint the faces of the children, leaving them thrilled and blissful inside out.

Balloon Animals Expert

Our balloon animal expert can create fun and amazing designs for kids, allowing them to have more fun that what they could have expected. A highly professional, fun loving and lively person, he loves to spend time around kids even as they flash smiles at the sight of unique balloon animals.

Tattoo Expert

 An immensely gifted professional, she has some of the most enticing temporary tattoo designs in store for kids and other guests. If you want everyone on your guest list, particularly kids,  happy about attending your party then we recommend you hire our tattoo specialist for the event. We guarantee everyone will leave with their own share of unforgettable memories that they will cherish for years to come.

Music player

No party is ever complete with the right music and who knows it better than us. Our team of Music players will ensure that your kids get to rock and roll over the latest soundtracks and peppy music. We play songs that your guests would love to listen to again and again.


If you can entertain and keep kids laughing and enjoying all the way through, then we need you!

At NYC Birthday Clowns, we have always been at the forefront of organizing fun theme parties for our clients. We are a team of highly passionate, experienced and artsy crafty individuals who specialize in managing kids of all age groups, backgrounds, tastes and preference.

If you are interested in working with a highly enthusiastic, diverse and fun loving team like ours, then feel free to drop your resumes or connect with us at!

Please keep in mind that we are searching for highly creative, skilled and inventive individuals who are brilliant at what they do. We perform extensive background checks and have high standards of selection. Apart from being qualified, it is mandatory for candidates to have their own car. We strongly encourage veterans and bilingual people to come forth with their candidature.


NYC Birthday Clowns, unlike other companies is a cruelty-free company. When we say that, we basically mean that we cause no harm to animals in any which way! None of our performances including the most sought-after ‘Magic Show’ will ever feature rabbits, doves or any other animals. We strongly believe in the well being of the animals and would encourage everyone to think on the same lines. At NYC Birthday Clowns, we condemn any company that uses animals for offering entertainment to the public.

We firmly advocate and are committed to using vegan products for our shows/performances. We do not use products that conduct any form of animal testing nor do we use any animal based products.

Feel free to contact us to know more about our team and services!

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