Never Book Costumed Characters for Kids Parties

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Never Book Costumed Characters for Kids Parties

Hollywood studios tend to be fiercely protective of their intellectual property.

These studios will sue over unlicensed services in the marketplace. 

In October 2017, Disney filed a lawsuit against New York Kids Entertainment Company, Characters 4 Hire, LLC. The lawsuit claims that the costumed actors appearing at these events and the advertising associated with this enterprise represent a violation of both its copyrights and trademark rights.

Now Disney is suing for $1 million plus legal costs.

Disney : “This knock-off business is built upon the infringement of Plaintiffs’ highly valuable intellectual property rights, including the fictional characters Darth Vader, Iron Man and Elsa and Anna from Frozen. This company provides unlicensed and poor quality appearances and performances by actors dressed as iconic characters for themed events, such as children’s parties.”

If you choose to have licensed characters at your party, you and the company you book with may be sued.

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Please Note: NYC Birthday Clowns does NOT recommend booking with any company that offers characters owned by Disney or any other company. 

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