NYC Birthday Clowns

We Are 100% Cruelty-Free

We Never Force Prey Animals To Perform In Our Magic Show

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book?
We require a $100 deposit to reserve your date and time. You can pay the remainder of the balance on the day of your party before the start of entertainment in cash.
How far in advance do I need to book?
We recommend booking one month in advance to guarantee availability.
What areas do you service?
We proudly serve Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Staten Island, Nassau, and Westchester. If your event falls outside of these locations, contact us at (646) 961-4808. We never want to miss out on a good party!
What age groups do you entertain?
People of all ages!
What do the entertainers wear? Are your clowns scary?
Our clowns do not wear makeup, gloves or wigs. We wear white shirts and rainbow suspenders and we look very friendly.
Insured & bonded?

We can provide a certificate of insurance for a $75 fee.

Do you travel to the event/venue?

Yes, we travel to all types of venues. Private homes, catering halls, restaurants, clubs, and more!

How early or how late can my event take place?

Our earliest event starting time is 9 A.M. and the latest event starts no later than 11 P.M.
If your event falls outside of that time range, please contact us. 

Do you accommodate religious events?

Of course! Please let us know what you require and we will make sure to accommodate your request.

How long does it take to setup?

Setup time is under 5 minutes.

Do I need to provide the entertainers with anything?

Yes. A medium sized table, 2 chairs, and an electrical outlet.

How much space do the entertainers need?

We have done events everywhere from small studio apartments to huge auditoriums. We will do our very best to work with the space provided.

I don't want all of these activities. Can I get a discount?

NYC Birthday Clowns packages are priced for the amount of time that the entertainers spend at your party. Clients are welcome to cut activities and rearrange their party activities however they like. The price of the package will stay the same.

After I pay my deposit when is the final balance due?

All balances must be paid in full on the date of your event before the start of entertainment in cash only.

How much should I tip the entertainers?

Gratuities are appreciated and are not already included in our package prices. Recommended gratuities are listed on every contract.

What is the magic show / What tricks do you do?

Our magic show is a high-energy interactive performance. We have dozens of different magic tricks so the show is always fresh and new. We are a cruelty-free company and never use bunnies or other animals in our performances. (Check Youtube to see us in action!)

Do you have bounce houses?

Sorry, we do not.

Do you have characters?

Unfortunately, we can not provide characters or princesses. As much as we would love to, only Disney owns the rights to those characters and it would not be legal or ethical for us to do so.